With over 60 years experience in pretreating metal substrates, Chemetall is recognised as a leading supplier to the global Automotive manufacturing industry. Chemetall is proud of its association with leading Automotive companies throughout the world and works in partnership with its customers to satisfy their requirements for the cleaning and pretreatment of their metal substrates.


Our broad portfolio of technologies is available to satisfy the particular needs of each customer. Chemetall is constantly researching and developing specialised technologies to provide more environmentally acceptable solutions that meet or exceed the current and future demands of industry.

From providing conversion coating technologies that assist in ensuring long life vehicle anti-corrosion warranties are met, to process maintenance requirements, we have products to meet your specific needs:

  • Conventional conversion coating technologies
  • Enviromentally friendly conversion coating technologies
  • Paint detackification
  • Metal working fluids
  • General workshop maintenance products

Chemetall has extensive experience in first tier chemical management and preventative maintenance practices that can drive process efficiencies.


With representation throughout the world and its focus on performance, quality and safety, Chemetall provides the complete answer to your chemical needs.


To ensure the best outcome, please contact Chemetall for specific product and process advice and recommendations.