Technical Capability

Technical Service is of the utmost importance to Chemetall (Australasia) Pty Ltd and is very much an integral part of the products and process packages that Chemetall brings to the market place.


Our Technical Service is defined as having two distinct components.


Firstly – Field service is provided throughout Australia and consists of:

  • Regular service calls by our fully trained representatives to provide on-site customer support with both product and process audits.
  • Service commitment to staff training in process control, safe handling of products, etc.
  • Trouble shooting, as and when required.


Secondly – Laboratory support is provided by our Australian Technical Centres in Bayswater. Our laboratories have a wide range of capabilities including:

  • Corrosion and performance testing capabilities.
  • ICP/OES/XRF analysis.
  • Solution testing as required.
  • Product and process development.


Pilot plant capability to simulate real on-line conditions greatly assists further product and process development.


Chemetall (Australasia) Pty Ltd employs fourteen qualified chemists in quality assurance, product development, governance and technical sales support roles.


We have a long list of international technology partners including:

  • Chemetall GmbH - Germany
  • Nippon Paints - Japan
  • Chemetall Americas (formerly Oakite) - USA
  • Italtecno – Italy
  • Hebro – Germany
  • Chemal


Chemetall (Australasia) Pty Ltd has a demonstrated commitment to the industries it serves and is a member of the following industry associations.

  • Accord
  • Australian Institute of Surface Finishing (AISF)
  • Australian Industry Group (AIG)
  • Australian institute for Non Destructive Testing (AINDT)