Corporate Responsibility

The following guidelines are of fundamental importance to Chemetall’s corporate behaviour:



Together with our executives

  • We are aware of our responsibility which we have towards the environment and to the public.
  • We act by example.
  • We bear responsibility for our company and the strategic orientation of its business units.
  • We promote our employees and develop them according to their task and individual performance.


Customer Orientation

For our customers

  • We manufacture premium quality goods.
  • We aim at 100% on-time delivery performance.
  • We offer outstanding service.
  • We are innovative.


Staff Motivation

Our employees

  • Do have ideas and are encouraged to be creative.
  • Are highly motivated and proactive
  • Are consistently goal oriented.
  • Want to communicate effectively and are open to objective criticism.


Continuous Improvement

In a process of continuous improvement we want

  • To verifiably increase safety by avoiding accidents and by recording and analysing near misses.
  • To achieve best practice quality on all levels.
  • To constantly increase productivity.


Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Our Code of Conduct covers various aspects of our business and defines the guidelines as to how employees should behave towards third parties and colleagues within the company.


It contains 7 sections:
  1. We treat everyone we meet within the scope of our work with respect and dignity.
  2. We comply with applicable laws and internal policies and procedures, and with particular emphasis to those related to Safety, Health and the Environment (SHE).
  3. We support the business interests of Chemetall while at all times respecting the laws and principles pertaining to fair competition.
  4. We preserve and protect company assets by operating equipment in a safe, efficient and proper manner.
  5. We do not put our private interests before those of the company, including to how it relates to insider trading regulations and the acceptance of gifts and entertainment.
  6. We prepare the company financial statement and supporting documents in a complete, accurate, understandable and timely manner.
  7. We protect the intellectual property of the company by not disclosing any confidential or proprietary information to unauthorised persons.