Automotive Components

Chemetall is a leading supplier of a wide-range of specialty chemicals for the fabrication of automotive, bus and truck components.


Chemetall products featuring the Gardo®, Oxsilan®, and Ardrox® trade names are synonymous with quality, consistency and performance around the globe. Whether you produce chassis, power-train, exterior or interior components, Chemetall’s specialty chemicals are used in the production of almost all the components used in automobiles, trucks and buses.


From providing conversion-coating technologies that assist in ensuring long life componentry anti-corrosion warranties are met, to process maintenance requirements, we have products to meet your specific needs:

  • Conventional conversion coating technologies
  • Environmentally friendly conversion coating technologies
  • Paint detackification
  • Metal working fluids
  • In process cleaning and corrosion inhibition
  • General workshop maintenance products

Chemetall’s worldwide focus on consistent quality, service and products, makes us an ideal partner for international companies. Our strong belief in continuous improvement and our unique ability to customise processes permits us to service all you needs.


With representation throughout the world and its focus on performance, quality and safety, Chemetall provides the complete answer to your chemical needs.


To ensure the best outcome, please contact Chemetall for specific product and process advice and recommendations.